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Decorative concrete catches the eye and broadcasts your style to the world. With timeless design and durability to outstand the toughest conditions, designer concrete floors and surfaces provide easy-to-maintain beauty that lasts.

The FloorDoctor team creates truly unique pieces of concrete decorative artwork on every floor. We are the premium contractors for ornamental and custom concrete slabs, overlays, repair, and refinishing work in Central Texas. No one beats our techniques, our prices, or our dedication to customer satisfaction.

We are equipped and prepared to handle installation, repair, and refinishing on industrial, commercial, and residential projects of all sizes, including the specialized work you may need on corners, stairs, and edges. Whatever your concrete finishing ideas, we will work with you to make them a reality.

Restore and transform your damaged or outdated decorative concrete with our stains, true diamond-polish process, and re-sealing services. All provided by trained professionals and performed on top-of-the-line equipment. When you want decorative concrete, call on us to make it happen for you!

The FloorDoctor team strives to be exceptional, above and beyond expectations in every way. We are Central Texas designer concrete contractors who do things differently. It’s what you deserve. Our concrete decor is unmatched in Central Texas, and beyond!
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The FloorDoctor Decorative Concrete Services

Diamond-polished concrete is more than just “fancy concrete.” It is a popular concrete finish idea, as you can get decorative elements and ornamental flair with your concrete decor and it is one of the most durable building materials on the market. A true diamond polish on your concrete makes it near indestructible, even for the potential damage caused by extreme weather, daily wear and tear, impacts, and chemical exposure. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to fulfill your concrete finishing ideas or concrete slab decoration ideas.

Not to mention that diamond polish produces the most beautiful concrete results, with an extensive range of colors, textures, and styles.

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Decorative concrete can be customized to perfectly complement other architectural elements such as natural stone, wood, or designer branding. With more than 120 different colors, finishes, and design stamp patterns available, the combinations and possibilities for bringing your concrete finish ideas to life are nearly endless.

Give your ornamental cement an appearance like tile, wood, marble, or other natural stone, but with the durability of diamond polishing. Achieve the floor you’re looking for with top-in-class custom concrete finishing services from FloorDoctor. You don’t have to compromise – decorative concrete works just as well as the plain stuff.

Concrete Stripping

If you have existing wood, vinyl, carpet, or tile flooring, you may decide to remove it and change it to a polished concrete decorative floor. Our industrial-strength machinery removes wood, tile, and vinyl with no trouble. We strip and prepare concrete for new concrete decoration or installation of new flooring.

Concrete staining

Whether your current concrete is bare or previously stained or painted, the FloorDoctor team can profile (or re-profile) the concrete to change or update the color. We have dozens of colored concrete designs and patterned stamps, so you can always achieve the final outcome you’re looking for, regardless of your concrete finish ideas. We even stain concrete white and cream colors. Just ask us about your options!

True diamond-polished concrete

Polished concrete provides a breathtaking finish that’s appropriate for homes and businesses. Decorative concrete is nearly indestructible if polished with a true diamond polish. Why? Because diamond-polished concrete is solidified with densifiers that strengthen the crystalline structures of the concrete, then our burnishing process heats and melds the resinous epoxy, so it chemically hardens to become part of the structure. This unbeatable finish and level of protection are only available from a true diamond polishing process.

Concrete Refinishing

Concrete refinishing involves all the steps of stripping, staining, and finishing your concrete flooring or surface. Maybe you have polished concrete already, and you want to change the color or update the style. Or maybe your flooring has been damaged by extreme weather or other stressors. We do whatever is necessary to give your property a new look you’ll love. Decorative concrete works just as well as non-decorative concrete, so your concrete finishing ideas can come to life through us!


Repairing or finishing DIY or low-quality decorative concrete work

Concrete polishing and refinishing are jobs you want to be done by professionals in order to achieve the quality results you deserve. When someone without experience tries to strip, stain, or seal concrete, they can cause physical or chemical damage that can weaken the integrity of the materials – and cost you a ton in fixing their mistakes.

For many reasons, people begin the process of stripping, staining, or refinishing their decorative concrete, and then they don’t complete the process. We can take care of this for you. Whatever the situation, the FloorDoctor team is prepared to help.

We are focused on each project and committed to a job from start to finish. Contact us to discover your options and our timeline for completing unfinished work.

Installing & refinishing residential & commercial garage floors

Garages are one area in your home or business where you need the utmost protection and durability. That’s why diamond-polished flooring has become one of the most popular choices for garage flooring. Our specialized garage floor epoxy offers advanced UV and stain protection as well as a non-slip surface. With dozens of color and finish options, you can customize your garage to be as stylish and functional as the rest of your business or home. It doesn’t have to be boring either – we can easily bring concrete finishing ideas to life in your garage as well as any other place in and outside of your home.

Decorative concrete in patios & pool areas

Using cheaper materials and technologies means outdoor spaces are going to require constant upkeep and maintenance. Diamond-polished decorative concrete surfaces hold up to wear and tear and are impervious to weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor areas such as pools, walkways, and patio areas. Our outdoor sealants offer advanced UV protection and slip prevention and require minimal maintenance to keep your property looking gorgeous year-round.

The team with the right technology & know-how: You can trust FloorDoctor to install, repair, or refinish your decorative concrete to complement any contemporary or industrial décor or architecture.

additional floordoctor services

In addition to installing, repairing, and refinishing beautiful concrete floors and concrete surfaces, we provide these additional services.

VCT REstoration

FloorDoctor offers limited strip, wax, refinish, and restoration for vinyl composite tile (VCT) for commercial properties. Ask a FloorDoctor team member about our commercial VCT services.

Polished Concrete Overlay

We provide polished concrete overlays for properties where the decorative cement has suffered extensive damage in a limited area. With a thorough evaluation, we will let you know exactly which polished concrete repair option is right for you.

Hybrid Polish Restoration

If a fully diamond-polished finish doesn’t feel right for you, our hybrid polish process using diamond-embedded pads achieves a similar finish as a true diamond-polished finish. But, the results don’t meet the same level of durability testing. A hybrid polish restoration takes less time and is more cost-efficient than a true diamond polish in many cases, and it can be used in homes or businesses that want decorative concrete but aren’t seeking the same level of durability as a true polish.

Terrazzo & Marble Refinishing & Polishing

The diamond polishers we use are not only perfect for decorative concrete design, but they are also perfect for terrazzo and marble. Our team is experienced in working with these luxurious materials. Talk to us about your needs.




About Our Suppliers

To provide outstanding results for our Central Texas decorative concrete clients every time, we demand the best in the industry of our concrete suppliers. From equipment maintenance to cleaning solutions, we rise above the industry standard in every way. We are exceptional. Never just mediocre.

Specialized Diamond Grinding & Polishing Equipment by XTreme Polishing Systems

The top name in diamond-plated grinders and polishers for concrete, Xtreme Polishing Systems machinery is heavy-duty equipment in every way. They feature Briggs & Stratton engines, built-in lighting systems, and advanced-engineered diamond padding that prevents gouging. The plates feature industrial-grade diamonds, similar to what you’ll find on a diamond drill bit, separating them from lesser-quality concrete grinders and polishers.

Commercial-grade chemical supplies by Sherwin Williams

We use Sherwin Williams and concrete-specialist subsidiaries for:

  • Densifier
  • Acid stains
  • Epoxy

Our chemical supplies undergo rigorous industry testing for quality and longevity. Once cured and sealed, your decorative concrete floors will be safe for people and animals.

Industrial-strength janitorial supplies

We care about leaving your property looking better than when we arrived. Each technician is equipped with concrete vacuums, drop cloths, and industrial-strength cleaning supplies. We clean up after ourselves, so all you're left with is a beautiful floor when we go.



Frequently Asked Questions

At FloorDoctor, we want to be our clients’ heroes. Ask us anything! We love to educate our customers about our processes and your options. It is our goal to be the most trusted concrete contractor in the Waco, Texas, region, which is why we are proactive and thorough in everything we do.

Does FloorDoctor install or repair other types of flooring (wood, vinyl, natural stone, tile, carpet, etc.)?

FloorDoctor specializes in installing, stripping, refinishing, and polishing decorative concrete designs on floors and other surfaces. We are connected with hundreds of other types of flooring contractors in the Central Texas area and are happy to refer you to a qualified sub-contractor for other types of flooring if concrete doesn’t meet all of your needs.

Can you install polished & decorative concrete indoors or outdoors?

Both! Decorating with concrete is an incredibly popular choice with professional architects and DIY decorators, who find jaw-dropping ways to use concrete for both indoor and outdoor flooring and other surfaces. Because it withstands high amounts of damage and wear, polished concrete can be found in business entryways and staircases, commercial kitchens and bathrooms, residential pool and patio areas, garage floors, and anywhere else that might have traditionally used natural stone like marble or granite, wood, ceramic tiles, or bare or painted concrete.

Are diamond-polished floors clean? How do I clean them?

Diamond-polished concrete is cleaner than other flooring (such as vinyl, tile, and carpet) and easy to maintain. With no grout and a solid surface that’s sealed and protected against mold and microbes, dirt, liquids, and even chemical spills, the surface naturally repels the substances that make other floors dirty, dull, and unsanitary over time.

All you really need is a standard broom, brush, or microfiber cloth. For removal of dirt or residue build-up, we recommend using a soft floor mop with a pH-neutral solution, which includes most household cleaners.

We do not recommend abrasive, chemical, or acid-based cleaning solutions, as they will damage the sealant.

Over time, the concrete may become lightly scuffed or sustain superficial damage and need to be polished with a buffer or auto-scrubber.

How long does it take to install, repair, stain, or refinish concrete floors?

Each project depends on several important factors, like location, humidity, the extent of damage, and square footage. Your FloorDoctor technician will discuss your property, specifics of your situation, your needs, and your desired design elements to customize an estimate and timeline for your individual decorative concrete project.

Because there are so many factors to consider in each project, timelines will vary. On average, we are able to install or refinish approximately 1,000 square feet of concrete per 1 week.

Are diamond-polished decorative concrete floors durable?

A true diamond-polished concrete floor will withstand years of daily wear and tear, including foot traffic, heavy impacts, and severe weather. Because of the specialized polishing and burnishing processes, your sealed diamond-polished floors are equipped with the highest available level of protection against all the elements.

Is the concrete available in more colors than just grey?

Yes! In fact, our stained and polished decorative concrete is available in hundreds of finishes. While traditional concrete could only be colored with paint and traditionally stained concrete produces uneven or unreliable color results, we have much more control over the color, texture, and finish results with our specialized chemicals and processes. Get any color you can dream of, from white to black and anywhere between.

Does diamond-polished concrete “look like concrete”?

Not necessarily! With hundreds of options for colors and patterned stamps, you can design your decorative concrete with a finish that looks like natural stone, marble, tile, or wood.

Aren’t concrete floors bumpy, abrasive, and uneven?

While freshly poured concrete starts off with a rough texture, our advanced machinery lets us polish it to whatever surface texture you want, with a naturally non-slip finish. If you’d like a more raw or unfinished concrete look, we can do that! If you’re looking for smooth, even floors and surfaces, we can do that too.

Are decorative concrete finishes safe for my kids and animals?

Absolutely! Although there are strong chemicals used in the process of installing, staining, or refinishing your concrete floors, the final product will be 100% safe for children, adults, and pets. Our polished concrete is also sealed against mold, mildew, and chemical stains, so you don’t have to worry about the build-up of these dangers over time.

Can I see a sample of what my decorative concrete flooring will look like?

On request, your FloorDoctor technician can provide you with samples of your concrete flooring options. We want every customer to be fully satisfied with the color, texture, and all elements of design for their decor concrete. While we have many images you can also view, samples allow you to see a real-life version of the outcome, so you can choose exactly what you want.

Can diamond-polished concrete be remodeled or updated in the future?

Of course! After a few years, many people want to remodel their home or business, and it’s simple to remodel polished or decorative concrete. You can even add or change color! We re-profile your concrete,

then refinish it with the new style and finish you want. Some processes for this are more labor-intensive and may take longer, but your dream can be achieved.

What are the most common concerns for repair and replacement?

The most common causes of damage to concrete flooring include structural issues, such as foundational cracking caused by the freeze-thaw cycle, or damage from extreme situations like flooding or fire. Sometimes, concrete cracks or chips after a heavy impact. Improper installation can lead to liquids or other materials penetrating the concrete and causing structural damage, or improper care might lead to a weakening or destruction of the protective sealant.

When your decorative concrete flooring is cracked, chipped, or showing signs of extreme damage, call the FloorDoctor team to evaluate and explain your options. We can restore life back into the floors you love.



Our Team at FloorDoctor

The professional and trained technicians at FloorDoctor are excited to meet you in person. Every member of our team is an employee – we never subcontract our decorative concrete projects. We are specialists, both artists, and scientists.

Founded in 2012 by Clint Smith, since day one, FloorDoctor has had the goal of being at the top of the decorative concrete installation and refinishing industry in Central Texas. From our convenient location in McGregor, Texas, we provide concrete decoration services to homes and businesses along I-35, from Waco to Austin, to Dallas/Ft. Worth, and beyond.

We under-promise and over-deliver, and that’s the way we like it. We do things differently, and we take our work seriously.

Meet Clint Smith, CEO & Founder

For 5 years, Clint loved working in the corporate office of one of the top franchisors in the world. His expertise lies in business operations, so when he founded FloorDoctor, he brought his knowledge to our way of doing things in the decorative concrete industry. As our CEO and captain of the ship, the entire team looks to him to set the standard of excellence we all should live up to.

Meet Robbie Dobie, Operations Manager

Robbie joined the team in 2013 and has risen through the ranks from concrete technician to Operations Manager. As a hardworking and insightful team leader, he trains everyone on the FloorDoctor team to live up to their potential.

Professional & Trained Technicians

Every technician on the FloorDoctor team undergoes a six-month apprenticeship, so we can properly instruct them on our equipment, our techniques, our processes, and the problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are necessary to get the job done right. Every client has unique requirements, and every property has unique challenges. We want to assure our clients that every member of our team will go above and beyond to bring the customer’s vision for their property to life.

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The FloorDoctor team strives for quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Prepared to handle installation, repair, staining, and refinishing of decorative concrete in residential, commercial, and industrial properties, we have the expertise to handle any project and achieve whatever results you want. Serving Central Texas from our headquarters in McGregor, we beautify homes and businesses in Waco, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and all along I-35. Give us a call today to experience the FloorDoctor difference for yourself.

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