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Luxurious, durable, polished concrete has quickly become one of the most in-demand building materials and flooring solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Polished concrete in homes and businesses can add extravagance and decorative concrete to nearly any room. From garages to bathrooms, kitchens to entryways, and even on stairs, polished concrete is one of the most versatile materials and is low-maintenance on the market today.

While concrete used to be a dull material with limited flooring options, that’s not the case anymore. You can achieve any vision you have in mind for your property’s flooring. More than 120 finished looks, including stamps and stains, can give your polished concrete the appearance of wood or natural stone like marble or granite.

Let the team at FloorDoctor bring your vision to life.

One-of-a-Kind Results with True Diamond-Polished Concrete

At FloorDoctor, we use a first-class process and specialized equipment that buff floors to an unbeatable shine. As diamond-polished concrete contractors, we do things a bit differently than our competition. And we like it that way.

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Like a diamond drill bit is the best option for both extremely tough and delicate materials, the diamond-infused padding on our grinders and polishers makes them superior to standard concrete polishers. Once treated, the final step in our process is to use specialized techniques to burnish the sealant into the concrete, solidifying it for the strongest protection against damage.

This unique look and strength are ONLY available with a true diamond-polished finish. Other staining and sealing concrete methods may achieve a similar initial finish, but it won’t last long, and without a true diamond polish, the quality won’t be the same.

Diamond polishing concrete provides the best looking and longest lasting results possible.

New Construction & Concrete Restoration

Whether you have concrete floors or other existing floor surfaces you’re looking to update, repair, or refinish, or you are looking for experienced polished concrete floor installers for new construction, FloorDoctor has the technology and the know-how to get the job done right the first time.

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We specialize in:

  • Installing & finishing polished concrete in new construction
  • Stripping previous flooring (tile, wood, or vinyl) & installing new concrete flooring
  • Refinishing existing concrete floors & surfaces
  • Repairing & finishing DIY or less-professional concrete installations

You can count on the experience and professionalism of the FloorDoctor team for diamond-polished concrete projects of any size or scale.

Diamond-Polished Concrete Overlays

One cost-effective option that produces incredible results is the installation of a diamond-polished concrete overlay. It also needs a simpler installation process, so an overlay can save time as well. If your floors are damaged and you’re looking to upgrade, but you don’t want to completely remove your flooring and install new entirely new floors, ask your FloorDoctor representative whether polished concrete overlays may be right for your property

Hybrid Polish Restoration

We use diamond-embedded polishing pads for our hybrid polish technique, which provides similar durability and appearance to a true diamond-polished concrete floor. This technique includes the same process for sealing and coating. Although a hybrid polished floor may not have identical strength specs to a true diamond polish, it is a faster and more cost-efficient method than true diamond polish. This makes it a great option for anyone who wants a diamond-polished finish but doesn’t have the same durability requirements.



Experience the FloorDoctor Difference

Founded in 2012, FloorDoctor has become the top name in polished concrete floor contractors in Central Texas. Our team of professionally trained employees are dedicated to customer service. We care about producing outstanding results for every client, which is why we never subcontract our concrete polishing, stripping, or refinishing work.

Hundreds of customers have trusted us to provide them outstanding polished concrete floors, from Waco to Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond.

Professional, trained technicians

FloorDoctor technicians are professionals. All our team members undergo extensive training in our equipment, our technologies, our processes, and our standards. We never subcontract our concrete polishing projects, and every team member is dedicated to going above and beyond to satisfy every client. That’s what sets us apart.

Request samples to preview your polished concrete floors

To ensure that every client is 100% satisfied with the look and design of the final product, we can provide samples for you to review beforehand. Visit our image gallery of featured projects to see the work we’ve done before, and ask your FloorDoctor team member for a sample to see the results of your specific polished concrete project.

Commitment to excellent quality & superior service

We work hard every day to be our customers’ heroes. We arrive at every property with all the high-end equipment, know-how, and cleaning supplies to execute our jobs and make sure you love the outcome.

We are equipped with our own personal protective equipment (PPE) and abide by all local, state, and federal safety regulations. We also provide our own industrial-strength cleaning materials, and never leave your property dirty, damaged, or worse off than when we arrived.



What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is growing as a popular, long-lasting building material for indoor and outdoor areas of industrial, commercial, and residential properties. It is sturdy, naturally slip-resistant, and provides lasting beauty. While past concrete construction may have been a bit “cold” and industrial, limited in its design options, modern polished concrete floors are available in a range of colors and finishes, so you can find the exact style you’re looking for.

From polished concrete floor installation to transforming your existing concrete, FloorDoctor provides the highest quality and superior value.

Polished Concrete Process

Although the timeline will vary depending on specific circumstances, we can typically refinish and polish concrete flooring at a rate of approximately 1,000 square feet in 1 week. We come fully prepared with all equipment and tools necessary to complete our diamond polishing process on stairs, edges, and corners of all surfaces, so no spot on your property is overlooked.

Prep for Concrete Diamond Polishing

On average, our customers don’t have to do much to get ready for us to install or refinish their diamond-polished concrete flooring. You may be asked to remove your furniture, equipment, or appliances to give us full access to the floor, but that’s about it.

Your FloorDoctor team member will arrive at your home or business with all the supplies needed for prep work and clean-up. We bring our own lights, drop cloths, concrete vacuums, and industrial cleaning supplies.

We provide our own personal protective equipment (PPE), and we comply with all local, state, and federal safety regulations.

Step 1: Prepare Concrete Surface

Thanks to our top-of-the-industry equipment from Xtreme Polishing Systems, we can fully prepare concrete for diamond polishing. The industrial-strength grinders remove existing materials from the surface concrete, including carpet glue, tile, and mastic. Diamond-embedded pads are specially designed to grind away the concrete’s surface without gouging into and damaging the deeper levels, compromising its integrity. Once the surface level has been removed, we expose the deeper levels of concrete, which are generally stronger and provide a better foundation to polish and finish your commercial or residential polished concrete floors.

Step 2: Diamond Polishing

Our diamond polishing process will vary slightly for new construction and refinished concrete flooring. That is why we provide a customized evaluation and estimate for our timeline and the specific techniques that will be used for every project.

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In general, we begin our polishing process by using a rough grit diamond padding, using several passes to ensure that every area of your flooring – including stairs, edges, and corners – is ready for additional polishing treatments. Then, we use padding with increasingly finer grits to smooth the surface to the desired shine and finish.

Because of the delicate diamond polishing process, we can customize the profile of your finished polished concrete. Get the look you want – from satin to high-gloss to semi-gloss and anywhere between.

Step 3: Stain, Densify, Cure & Burnish

Once the concrete has been polished to the preferred finish, it’s time to stain, stamp, cure, and seal them. The finished decorative concrete look will include all texture and color details according to your choices, achieved by staining the concrete with a specialized dye. Then, we apply our top-of-the-line chemical densifier. The densifier penetrates the concrete and hardens micro-substances into a crystalline structure, strengthening the material and helping to prevent penetration of liquids, dirt, and chemicals.

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Once the densifier has cured, we use an advanced system to burnish the concrete, which produces longer-lasting results you can only get with a true diamond polish.

Burnishing uses specialized high-speed equipment to heat and buff the resinous seal into the concrete. This industrial-strength epoxy sealant protects the concrete from damage from corrosion, weather, impact, and wear and tear. Once the pores are sealed, your diamond-polished concrete flooring is complete and ready for heavy-duty daily use.

Step 4: Seal & Protect Concrete Surface

Of course, for all polished concrete flooring, we recommend a sealant for the best protection. However, for outdoor concrete, it’s essential! Sealing your outdoor concrete, especially in high-traffic or slip-prone areas such as pools and patios, will provide it with superior slip-proof protection, as well as resistance against UV light penetration and dirt build-up. Sealant on your outdoor concrete is the best way to protect against extreme weather conditions.



Polished Concrete Images Gallery

Want to see polished concrete images that demonstrate our expertise and quality? Take a look!



Frequently Asked Questions

What makes polished concrete different from sealed concrete?

The industry standard for sealed concrete is to grind the concrete slab then seal it with an epoxy or sealant without first polishing it using ever-finer grits of diamond padding. The sealant or epoxy is applied similarly to paint and allowed to dry. While this process is faster than a true diamond polish, the seal on the concrete will wear away, and the concrete will need to be re-sealed after regular foot traffic or exposure to the elements. While sealed concrete may have a shine on its surface, it will become dull with wear.

True diamond-polished flooring undergoes a burnishing process, where the epoxy sealants are heated to adhere to the concrete, creating a truly smooth surface that is also non-stick and safe for people and animals.

Is polished concrete durable?

When properly maintained, polished concrete floors are highly durable against daily foot traffic, ongoing wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, water and liquid infiltration, dirt and dust build-up, organic compounds like mold, and even acidic chemical spills. While it may not be indestructible, it’s pretty close.

Can polished concrete be stained, colored, or have textured decorative elements?

Absolutely! We offer more than 120 colors and finishes for our stained concrete, as well as numerous stamp patterns to make your polished concrete have the appearance of wood, tile, and natural stones like marble. We can even stain concrete white, which is longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing than painting the concrete.

How do I care for/clean my polished concrete?

Cleaning polished concrete is simple. Regular dusting and polishing with a standard brush, broom, or microfiber cloth will keep the surface free of loose debris. If scuffs appear, build-up accumulates, or the surface becomes dull, you can clean your polished concrete with a pH-neutral cleaning solution, such as liquid dish soap or another common household cleanser. Occasionally, with heavier wear, you may want to consider using a buffer or other commercial cleaning equipment to remove surface-level scuffs, light scratches, or residue to return your polished concrete to a like-new sheen and appearance.

We do not recommend using acid-based cleaners, harsh chemicals, or abrasive materials to clean your concrete flooring, as it may damage to the sealant and cause long-term effects on the concrete itself.

What do I do if my polished concrete becomes cracked or damaged and needs repair?

Your polished concrete should be able to withstand thousands of hours of regular use before showing signs of damage. In the case of extreme damage, we can evaluate whether to repair that section of flooring with a concrete overlay or to refinish the damaged material.

Can polished concrete be updated?

Of course! It’s common that after a few years, property owners update the design and look of their building’s décor. Whether you want to change the stain color, texture, or pattern of your polished concrete, the professionals at FloorDoctor can accommodate your style.

Can polished concrete be used indoors, outdoors, or both?

Both! Architects and designers are finding ever-increasing ways to use polished concrete. Interior floors that have traditionally been wood, ceramic tile, or natural stone can now achieve the same look for lower costs, with more durability and less maintenance.

You’ll find polished concrete in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, stairwells, garages, pools and patio areas – just about anywhere you need flooring that lasts. Polished concrete floors in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else are a great choice for strength and longevity. And we will make it enviably beautiful for you, whatever your tastes and preferences.



FloorDoctor: Central Texas Experts in Diamond-Polished Concrete Floors & Surfaces

FloorDoctor is proud to install diamond-polished concrete in new construction or perform repairs and refinishing for projects of all sizes. We work with industrial and commercial properties as well as homeowners. If you’re thinking of putting polished concrete in your home or using polished concrete for floors in your bathroom, call on us today!

100% customer satisfaction is our goal. Of all of the polished concrete floor companies out there, we offer the most professional work and unbeatable results. That’s what makes us the top polished concrete contractor in Central Texas.

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