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Decorative concrete is a popular and durable choice as a building material, often used for flooring, stairs, edging, and other surfaces. Over time, even concrete can become dull, chipped, or cracked by the weather, severe damage, or simply from heavy daily use. Concrete flooring is also versatile and can be updated as styles and preferences change.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve had your concrete inspected, repaired, or refreshed, concrete stripping may be the solution to putting fresh life into your dwelling. The elite diamond polishing process from FloorDoctor can restore and transform any indoor or outdoor concrete in your home, business, or garage.

Need a concrete strip and refinish? We do that too.

When you want to refresh your damaged or worn concrete, you can simply grind away the surface wear and reseal it without making changes, or you can have our professionals strip and refinish your concrete surfaces with a new colored stain, stamped pattern, or a different texture or surface polish. The FloorDoctor team provides full concrete refinishing services.

Need to fix a problem caused by DIY or less professional work? Contact us.

Stripping concrete is a job that should be done by professionals. Inexperienced people who are not properly trained in how to strip concrete floors can cause lasting damage that is expensive to repair. When an amateur tries to strip and refinish their concrete, they can make severe mistakes that can weaken the structural integrity of the concrete and be very costly over time. Concrete must be properly treated, sealed, and cured for the best and longest-lasting results.

We refinish stripped concrete, even if someone else started the work.

Make the right repairs and get the right results with professional quality work from the FloorDoctor team.

Indoor & Outdoor Concrete Stripping

We strip and reseal concrete flooring in all types of construction.

  • Residential & industrial garage floor stripping
  • Residential & commercial patios & pools
  • Residential & commercial kitchens & bathrooms

We also offer VCT restoration, but we don’t like to brag...

Vinyl composite tile – also known as VCT – is a commonly used flooring in commercial buildings. VCT is polished and then finished with sealant and wax, which provides medium-grade protection against foot traffic, spills, and minor damage. However, after months of daily use, VCT flooring will need to be recoated to provide maximum protection and extend its lifespan.

We offer limited VCT restoration for commercial properties, with full stripping and sealing provided. After the VCT is mechanically or chemically stripped, we ensure your floor is repaired, dried, and resealed with a new wax coating, restoring it to its previous shine and durability.



Top Concrete Strippers in Central Texas

FloorDoctor strives to be the top concrete stripping company in Central Texas. Based in McGregor, we service businesses and homes all along I-35, including Waco, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and beyond. We are committed to providing top-tier service and unbeatable results.

No one can top our techniques, prices, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

For more than 10 years, FloorDoctor has provided clients around Central Texas with the best concrete stripping services. Central Texas business owners and residents have counted on us to restore beauty and repair damage to indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. You can count on us, too.

Trained Professionals

Our team at FloorDoctor receives extensive in-house, hands-on training. Not only do our professionals know about our equipment and techniques, they have the problem-solving skills to tackle any challenge. We never sub-contract for our concrete floor stripping, refinishing, or polishing work, and we go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ 100% satisfaction.

Your FloorDoctor team member will arrive at your property fully prepared. We provide all necessary prep and clean-up supplies, as well as all our own personal protective equipment (PPE). We comply with all local, state, and federal safety guidelines, and strive to leave you with full peace of mind.

Highest Performing Technology & Techniques

The concrete stripping machinery we use from Xtreme Polishing Systems is the best on the market. We’re prepared for all the unique elements of your construction – stairs, walkways, patios, edges, and corners. The industrial-grade diamond grinders and polishers, combined with our top-of-the-line densifiers, epoxy, and sealants, transform concrete surfaces in less time than you’ll expect, with better results than you could have hoped for.

Long-lasting Quality

Concrete stripping helps to maintain concrete’s natural durability and prolongs its life. When properly cared for, diamond-polished concrete surfaces last nearly forever but can be updated or renewed whenever you want. Our top-quality chemical supplies keep your flooring free from dust and dirt and protected from damage caused by daily wear and tear, spills, impacts, and harsh weather conditions.



Process of Stripping Concrete Floors & Surfaces

The process of stripping concrete varies depending on the building and the final design desired. No matter which process is right for you, the results will be incredible and happen faster than you think. We consult with each client individually to provide the most accurate timeline estimate for your specific project. On average, we can finish concrete stripping and reseal at a rate of 1,000 square feet per week.

Preparing for concrete stripping

Usually, our clients don’t need to do any prep work before we begin our concrete stripping process. The only thing we may ask you to do is remove your items – such as furniture, appliances, or equipment -- from the area. Our team provides all the needed supplies for prep work and clean-up.

The FloorDoctor team arrives with personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as concrete vacuums and industrial-strength cleaning supplies. After we’ve stripped and polished your concrete surfaces, we take care of the final details.

Step 1: Grind away top-level concrete

Specialized concrete stripping equipment and chemicals remove the top level of concrete, getting rid of paint, stains, discoloration, chips and cracks, dye, carpet glue, epoxy, mastic, and surface-level imperfections without gouging into the deeper layers of the concrete. Any previous sealants are dissolved or polished away, and stripping concrete floor paint is quick and easy. Depending on your flooring and design needs, the stripping process may be either a “wet” or a “dry” process, and we’ll walk you through the differences of each and the best options for your situation.

Step 2: Resurface & polish exposed concrete

After grinding is complete, the concrete’s surface is refinished and polished to achieve your desired look and texture. Our equipment’s diamond pads are designed with varying grits to provide a final polish ranging from rough to high-gloss. Depending on the style you’re going for, it may take several passes of the equipment to customize your concrete surfaces. Polishing the concrete increases its strength and durability, ensuring you’ll enjoy long-lasting beauty and integrity.

Step 3: Apply & cure densifier

A densifier penetrates the pores in the concrete and hardens its crystalline structure, increasing the strength of your concrete beyond its normal capacity. By using a densifier, the concrete

becomes more resistant to build-up from dust and dirt, abrasions, spills, stains, and other damage. During this step, the concrete is left to cure for the right amount of time using the right methods for your property.

Because we want only the best results, we use only the top industrial-strength densifiers on the market.

Step 4: Seal & protect your concrete’s surface

Once the densifier is cured, we seal the concrete with specialized epoxy, closing the pores and protecting your property from dust, grime, wear and tear, weather damage, and even chemical spills. We offer dozens of epoxy coating options to find the one that’s right for you.

For outdoor concrete, sealants aren’t simply preferred – they're necessary! Exposure to weather, dirt, animal damage, and other outdoor factors like that strong Texas UV light causes damage to both the surface level and the deeper levels of outdoor concrete. Properly sealing after concrete stripping is essential to ensure the concrete’s quality and lifespan.

What kind of concrete stripping equipment do we use?

We demand quality in every area – from equipment maintenance to cleaning supplies – so we can pass the best quality onto our customers.

At FloorDoctors, we use only top concrete stripping equipment. Powered by Genie and Mammoth machinery from Xtreme Polishing Systems, our team is prepared to handle industrial, commercial, and residential projects of all sizes.

Our equipment from Xtreme Polishing Systems features reliable Briggs & Straton engines, built-in concrete vacuums, and grinding and polishing plates infused with industrial-grade diamonds. The diamond wheel prevents gouging, and the various grits of diamond pads allow us to fully control how we affect every concrete surface. We sought out the top chemical supplies from trusted names like Sherwin Williams, and our concrete densifiers and sealants allow us to pass on the best of the best in the industry to our customers.

We maintain our equipment to the highest standards, never allowing problems to develop. In everything, our approach is proactive so that we can provide our customers with nothing but 100% satisfaction.

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