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7 Key Benefits of Polished Concrete in New Construction

Posted on July 21, 2023 by Robert Hamm

Having polished concrete in new construction offers a premium finish for a considerable price compared to other typical flooring options, and it is an attractive and resilient alternative that resists water damage, stains, and scratches.

Over the past years, polished concrete has become one of the most popular flooring options for constructing luxury homes. One of their key draws is the large selection of finishes that may be achieved with polished concrete floors. 

Polished Concrete Style Finishes

Polished concrete floors are laid by repeatedly using diamond grinding equipment with progressively finer cutting edges to grind a concrete slab. In the initial stages, called cutting, rough grinding tools are used to eliminate flaws and even out the floor's surface. 

The quantity of cutting steps depends on your desired finish and how well the concrete was mixed and poured. During this time, you can see the stone pieces in the concrete. In the last polishing steps, softer diamond tools are used to make the concrete surface appear glossier. How much shine you want depends on how many steps you take to polish.

Cream Polished Concrete Finish

A cream-polished concrete floor is one with a polished surface from a new concrete pour. In other words, the cutting process is skipped, which means no concrete is removed from the floor's surface. 

As a result, the natural variances in the concrete pour will be seen, giving the surface a natural, variegated, or marble-like effect. Cream-finished concrete is probably the most frequently installed polished concrete for new construction.

Salt and Pepper Polished Concrete Finish

A salt and pepper polished concrete floor, also known as a Class B concrete finish, has the surface of the concrete lightly ground to expose the tiniest aggregate in the concrete mix. While this type of finish is mainly used in new home construction, it is also widely employed in commercial and industrial settings. This concrete finish style is commonly used since cream-polished concrete is not an option in residential renovations.

A salt and pepper coating is frequently requested in prestige home buildings because it is typically regarded as a higher-end or more elegant installation.

Aggregate Exposed Polished Concrete Finish

This type of polished concrete floor is one that has a heavily ground concrete surface, which consistently exposes the largest aggregate in the concrete mixture.

This polished concrete surface is frequently requested in premium residential buildings because of its terrazzo-like appearance. Although any concrete slab can be ground to considerable gravel exposure, not all slabs are aesthetically acceptable when completed with this approach. As a result, samples are highly suggested for all large aggregate installations.

Benefits of Polished Concrete in New Construction

Polished concrete is a resilient and practical flooring option that may be used in various contexts. It's the perfect answer for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. You can never go wrong when you decide to install polished concrete in new construction. They are attractive, strong, and simple to maintain. Due to its numerous advantages and benefits, it has emerged as one of the most favored and often used flooring solutions.  

Easy to Install

Polished concrete is a flooring choice that is simple to install and only requires three steps. This technique is tailored to your desired finish to achieve the precise look and feel you prefer. 


Several other flooring solutions are significantly more expensive than polishing concrete floors. Searching for cost-effective options is crucial when constructing a new house, warehouse, or commercial structure. 

The cost will be defined based on the difficulty level, whether or not you already have a concrete slab laid, the grade of aggregate, and the polishing technique. It will vary depending on these factors despite being an inexpensive flooring option. 

If adequately put and polished, this flooring has the genuine advantage of requiring little maintenance and lasting a very long time without significant repairs or alteration.  

Environmental Friendly

One of the greenest flooring solutions on the market is polished concrete flooring. Experts can install polished concrete floors without dangerous chemicals, adhesives, or cleansers. Many alternative flooring solutions require harsh chemicals for cleaning, but these floors can be cleaned with just soap and water. 

The fact that they have a high thermal mass—a measure of the material's capacity to store and release thermal energy—means they are also very energy-efficient.

By absorbing heat, concrete floors may control the interior temperature, keeping a room cool and minimizing the demand for air conditioning. They are perfect for radiant surface heating systems since they also have excellent thermal conducting qualities. 

Resistant to Scratch

Polished concrete floors have the advantage of being a very tough flooring choice, making them ideal for the wear and strain of daily life. 

In heavy traffic locations like a store floor, factory floor, or a busy family home, you can be sure that your flooring won't deteriorate quickly because they are stain and scratch-resistant. This characteristic is a bonus if you have pets, especially dogs, because it will stop their paws from scratching. 

Variety of Available Polished Concrete Styles

Polished concrete surfaces can be made to look and feel in various ways. Your aggregate exposure will decide how much the stone is exposed; each will have a unique appearance and feel. The concrete finish you choose will then affect the durability and shine. 

Some of the styles are mentioned above for quick reference.

Versatile to Many Designs and Properties

Polished concrete may be used in most locations, whether industrial, commercial, retail, or residential, and it complements a wide range of types, properties, and designs. 

Retail establishments, storage facilities, office buildings, exhibits, and private residences are typical settings for using polished concrete. For domestic use, polished concrete flooring is the best choice for kitchens, living rooms, outdoor areas, and alfresco.  

Low Maintenance

Concrete is porous by nature, making it susceptible to dusting, chemical deterioration, and discoloration. By polishing the concrete, these issues are resolved and become stain- and wipe-resistant. As a result, it is a low-maintenance flooring alternative. Who doesn't want polished concrete in new construction if it means lesser effort for cleaning and maintenance?

To preserve them, polished concrete surfaces require routine washing, but this care is far easier than many other flooring options. These floors may be easily cleaned with just soap and water or a floor cleaner, guaranteeing that the polished concrete will keep its gloss.  


If polished concrete floor finishes sound like the ideal flooring choice for you, make sure to prepare in advance when constructing or upgrading your home. If you want a polished concrete floor in new construction, let your builder know beforehand. Planning will guarantee that the initial concrete slab is poured carefully. 

You must engage an expert to polish your concrete surfaces to guarantee an excellent completed product. 

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