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8 Key Steps: How Do You Make Concrete Floors Look New?

Posted on December 16, 2023 by Robert Hamm

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of concrete floors can be very challenging, and one common question that arises is, "how do you make concrete floors look new?". The answer lies in understanding the nature of concrete as a flooring material and the various techniques available for reviving its appearance. 

Concrete, known for its durability and versatility, is popular for residential and commercial flooring. However, it can lose its luster due to wear and tear, staining, and exposure to elements over time. 

Bringing back the fresh, new look of concrete floors involves a combination of cleaning, repairing, and sometimes refinishing, depending on the extent of wear and the desired outcome.

How do you make concrete floors look new? 

To make concrete floors look new, follow this numbered process:

How do you make concrete floors look new?
  1. Clean the floor.

Remove debris, dust, and stains using a broom, vacuum, and a suitable floor cleaner.

  1. Repair cracks and damage.

Inspect the floor for any cracks or damage. Use a concrete repair compound to fill in any cracks and ensure a smooth, even surface.

  1. Strip old finish (if applicable).

If the floor has a previous coating or sealant, strip it off using a chemical stripper or sanding. This is crucial for ensuring the new finish adheres properly.

  1. Grind the surface.

Use a concrete grinder to smooth the surface and remove imperfections. This step is essential for floors with significant wear or unevenness.

  1. Apply concrete stain or dye (optional).

For a change of color or to add decorative effects, apply a concrete stain or dye. Choose a color that matches the room's decor.

  1. Seal the floor.

Apply a high-quality concrete sealer. This will protect the floor from moisture, stains, and wear while enhancing its appearance. Choose a sealer that suits your desired finish (e.g., matte, glossy).

  1. Polish the floor (optional).

Consider polishing the floor after sealing for extra shine and protection. This step is particularly beneficial for high-traffic areas.

  1. Maintain regularly.

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping the floor looking new. Clean spills promptly, and periodically wash the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner.

By following these steps, you can effectively make your concrete floors look new and maintain their appearance for years.

How do you refinish concrete flooring?

Refinishing concrete flooring is an effective way to rejuvenate its appearance. The process can transform an old, worn-out floor into one that looks brand new. Here are some tips on how to refinish concrete flooring:

  1. Cleaning and repairing

The first step in refinishing is thoroughly cleaning the concrete surface. This includes removing any dirt, grease, or existing coatings. After cleaning, inspect the floor for cracks or damage and make necessary repairs. This step ensures a smooth base for further refinishing work.

  1. Grinding or sanding

For floors with existing paint or coatings, grinding or sanding might be required to strip off the old layers. This process also helps to smooth out any irregularities on the surface.

man applying coating on concrete floor
  1. Applying stain or dye

A concrete stain or dye is an excellent option to change color or add design elements to your floor. These products penetrate the concrete and provide a long-lasting color effect.

  1. Sealing and finishing

The final step is to seal the concrete. A high-quality sealer not only protects the floor from stains and wear but also enhances its appearance. You can pick from a plethora of finishes, ranging from matte to high gloss.

Remember, the key on "how do you make concrete floors look new?" is in the preparation and execution of these refinishing steps. A well-refinished concrete floor not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also extends the lifespan of your flooring.

How often do concrete floors need to be refinished?

Understanding the frequency of refinishing concrete floors is essential for longevity and appearance. The question, "How do you make concrete floors look new?" often leads to inquiring about the appropriate timeline for refinishing. Several factors influence this decision:

  1. Level of foot traffic 

The floor may show signs of wear more quickly in areas with high foot traffic, like commercial spaces or busy hallways. Refinishing might be necessary every few years to maintain the floor's integrity and appearance.

  1. Type of finish used

The durability of the finish applied on the concrete floor also determines how often refinishing is needed. Some finishes are more robust and last longer, while others may require more frequent maintenance.

  1. Exposure to elements

For outdoor concrete floors or those in areas exposed to harsh conditions, the need for refinishing can be more frequent. Factors such as sunlight, moisture, and temperature fluctuations can affect the floor's condition.

  1. Aesthetic preferences

Sometimes, refinishing is done not because of wear and tear but to update the look of the floor. Changing trends or personal preferences can prompt a refinish to align with new design choices.

By considering these factors, homeowners and property managers can better assess when their concrete floors need refinishing to keep them looking fresh and new.

Can I paint a concrete floor and then seal it?

Painting and sealing a concrete floor is an excellent way to revitalize its look. This approach not only answers the question: how do you make concrete floors look new; but also offers an opportunity for customization. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Benefits of painting and sealing concrete floors
  • Painting allows for a wide range of colors and designs, transforming the floor's appearance.
  • Applying a sealant over the paint offers another layer of protection against stains, moisture, and wear.
  1. Drawbacks to consider
  • The concrete surface must be properly prepared before painting, which can be time-consuming.
  • Painted floors may require more maintenance, as the paint can chip or wear over time, especially in high-traffic areas.
  1. Process of painting and sealing
  • It is a must that the floor is thoroughly cleaned, dried, and free of any previous coatings or sealants.
  • Use a paint specifically designed for concrete to ensure durability. Apply it evenly across the surface.
  • Once the paint dries up, apply a concrete sealant. This step is crucial for protecting the paint and extending the floor's life.

By painting and sealing a concrete floor, homeowners can achieve a fresh, new look while ensuring the floor's durability and longevity.

Best types of concrete sealants for longevity

Selecting the right sealant is crucial for ensuring the durability and fresh appearance of concrete floors. When considering how to make concrete floors look new, the type of sealant used plays a significant role. Here are some of the best options:

Acrylic sealer

Applying sealer using roller on concrete floor

Ideal for indoor use, acrylic sealers are easy to apply and provide good protection against water and stains. They come in water- and solvent-based forms, allowing for a choice between a matte or glossy finish.

Epoxy sealers

Known for their strength and durability, they are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. They create a thick, protective layer on the concrete surface, making them resistant to chemicals, stains, and abrasion.

Polyurethane sealers

These are more flexible than epoxy and offer superior resistance to scuffs and stains. They're great for indoor and outdoor applications and can be used over acrylic and epoxy sealants for added protection.

Penetrating sealers

These are ideal for outdoor concrete surfaces. Penetrating sealers seep into the concrete, forming a chemical barrier that protects against moisture, weather, and deicing salts.

Each type of sealer has its advantages, and the choice mainly depends on the specific requirement of the flooring area, such as the level of traffic, exposure to elements, and desired aesthetic.


Rejuvenating concrete floors to look new is a multifaceted process combining proper care, creative techniques, and the right products. From understanding when to refinish your floors to choosing the best sealant, each step plays a vital role in preserving and prolonging the beauty and longevity of your concrete flooring.

The journey to revamp your concrete floors, guided by the question "how do you make concrete floors look new?" is not just about restoring what's there but also about unlocking the potential for something more vibrant and enduring. With the right approach, your concrete floors can become a standout feature of your property that combines durability with aesthetic appeal.

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