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Discover the Best Ways to Improve Your Flooring: How Do You Make Old Concrete Floors Look New?

Posted on January 10, 2024 by Robert Hamm

Concrete has been used in construction for ages. It is not only durable and long-lasting, but it is also resistant to the elements. Concrete floors are a given in a concrete house. However, many of the floors need to be warmer and more exciting, especially if they’re old and scruffy. So, how do you make old concrete floors look new?

You would only want to work with a company or a professional to remove the concrete flooring partially; this might be dangerous and pricey. The best option is to improve the appearance of your concrete floors.

Concrete Improvement: How Do You Make Old Concrete Floors Look New?

1. Acid Staining

How do you make old concrete floors look new?

Concrete flooring is an ideal way to spruce up the look of your concrete floors, since it is simple to maintain. Acid staining the concrete floor can make water and other staining agents impervious.

People commonly combine hydrochloric or phosphoric acid to stain a concrete floor with certain salts. The acid opens pores in the concrete, and the salts cause a chemical reaction that changes the color of the floor.

Completing the entire acid staining process takes some time, so we at Floor Doctor usually recommend having it done on a weekend. However, the results are well worth the wait.

2. Resin Flooring

We've all seen some really cool videos of resin tables made from old tree barks and epoxy. But did you know that resin can also elevate the look of your floors? Resin applies to concrete floors for either industrial or decorative reasons.

There are numerous benefits to utilizing resin on concrete floors. The most significant ones are that they enhance the floor's durability and result in substantial cost savings.

Resin flooring can be crafted from various materials, but epoxy, polyurethane, and MMA are the most commonly used today. Epoxy-based resin flooring is the leading choice due to the wide array of colors it provides.

3. Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is also a good way to renew your old floors.

In lots of modern loft apartments, you'll see polished concrete floors. They add a fascinating touch to the area, making it visually appealing and contrasting with the rawness of unfinished concrete.

Polished concrete is done by grinding the surface of concrete with abrasive pads. The floor may become slippery and pose a risk of injury. This is because abrasive pads can create a shiny surface when polishing concrete.

Renting equipment for concrete floor polishing can be tough. Choosing the right abrasive pads is a particularly challenging aspect. It's advisable to entrust this task to skilled professionals.

4. Dyed Concrete Flooring

When people think of dye, they usually think about shoes, clothes, and hair. But you can dye a concrete floor if you want it to appear more appealing, just like you can with other items.

If you want to alter the color of your concrete floor, you can use dye. The color choice will mostly rely on your taste and preferences, although certain floor colors may blend better with the rest of the house.

Water-based coloring agents rank among the most commonly used dyes for enhancing concrete flooring. They provide the concrete floor with a luxurious and smooth finish that will be consistent throughout the entire floor.

Concrete flooring offers many benefits.

Dyeing the floor is akin to acid-staining, but the key difference is that dye doesn't undergo a chemical reaction with the concrete, like with acid staining. Instead, the dye permeates the surface to alter the concrete's color. Dyeing concrete flooring also presents numerous coloring options.

5. Painted Concrete Floors

Painting a concrete floor is another way to enhance it, but it's more intricate than you might imagine. It differs from painting other areas in your home.

To paint concrete floors, opt for epoxy treatments, commonly used for sealing and repairing damaged floors.

One fantastic aspect of epoxy treatments is their availability in various colors. This allows you to craft stunning color designs and hues on the floor, achieving effects similar to regular paint.

Floor epoxy, a paint variant, consists of a liquid hardener and a liquid catalyst. As a result, the epoxy solidifies through a chemical reaction between these components. The epoxy treatment makes the surface hard, durable, and vibrant.

Epoxy treatments mostly entail painting the floor, much like other parts of your house. The challenge lies in painting intricate patterns, made difficult by the paint's hardening.

What to Look for in Concrete Experts

Improving concrete floors is easier to do than many people assume. If your concrete floor is damaged or want to renovate, try these improvement methods outlined above. Using these processes, you can make your concrete floor look better and even harder.

With numerous businesses offering concrete and cement services and needing to know what to look out for, it can be hard for you to find the right contractor. Understanding crucial details is vital when looking for a concrete expert for your project.

Fortunately, dependable companies like us at Floor Doctor, offer unbeatable concrete services to local residents. We stand ready to support you on projects, regardless of their size. To find the ideal concrete contractor, use the following factors as your guide:


There are many ways to breathe life to your old and dull floors.

Your concrete project will run well if you hire a reliable contractor with years of experience. Choose a contractor skilled in formulating and mixing concrete for different projects. A skilled contractor should conduct complex and minor concrete services such as void filling, crack repair, raising and leveling, and concrete grinding.


It's smart to choose certified contractors who willingly provide their references and a collection of previous projects. Looking at references will give you an understanding of the kind of work you can anticipate from the contractor.

Brand Reputation And Reviews

You can get reviews from a quick search on "Google My Business" or check out businesses on the Better Business Bureau website to see their ratings and learn more about the company and its services.


Still figuring out if the contractor is trustworthy? Just ask for their business license and certificates. These papers indicate if the company is running legally and validate its years of service.


A trustworthy concrete expert must-have vehicles and tools to ensure the job gets done well and on time. Check out their website or gallery and see if they have gear such as drum mixers and suitable trucks to reduce delays in finishing your projects. Feel free to call them to ask about their machinery and equipment's capabilities, ensuring it meets your project's requirements.

Final Notes

At Floor Doctor, we specialize in services for concrete surfaces suitable for both new and existing structures. Our primary focus is enhancing the visual appeal of these surfaces. The company's signature lies in decorative concrete services, and we're eager to assist you in your upcoming project!

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