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What are the 8 Signs that Your Property Needs Immediate Professional Concrete Strip and Refinish Services?

Posted on December 20, 2022 by Mae Lucas

Concrete is used in the majority of key parts of commercial structures and dwellings, but from time to time, it could still need professional concrete strip and refinish services. Due to its longevity and resilience, the material is a builder's favorite for anything from the building itself to the driveway, walkways, garage, porch stairs, or patio. However, even a long-lasting substance like concrete may deteriorate over time.

Deteriorated concrete, which is constantly exposed to factors such as exterior concrete, impairs not only the aesthetic appeal but also poses a major danger to the structure's safety, which may further influence the property's value. If you see any of the following indicators in your concrete, call a concrete repair specialist for immediate professional concrete strip and refinish services.

Signs Your Property Needs Professional Concrete Strip And Refinish Services

Development Of Cracks

Heat and rain cause concrete to expand and compress, resulting in fracture formation. Excess water in concrete during installation also affects the strength of the material, which might lead to shrinkage.

The larger the presence of water in the concrete, the bigger the shrinkage. Concrete cracks may be hairline cracks, shrinkage cracks, settlement fractures, or structural cracks, depending on the nature of the initial damage.

Professional concrete strip and refinish services can help with cracked concrete.

Irrespective of the nature, fractures may damage both the base of the building and the sections supported by concrete. They also allow water, air, dampness, and debris to penetrate the surface, causing additional damage and safety problems.

Uneven Concrete Surface

When the region underneath the concrete is unstable, the surface becomes uneven, which is a great recipe for a tripping hazard, and a number of circumstances may cause this instability. When the ground is not correctly graded and prepped before pouring concrete, it may cause the material to deteriorate and the cement to move and settle. Or if a contractor hasn't compacted the dirt adequately before pouring, debris might enter holes which can result in sinking.

The amount of water in the cement mix, as well as the climatic circumstances, have a significant impact on determining the strength of concrete. Another source of uneven concrete surfaces is tree roots; if left neglected, they may cause sidewalks to rise and heave.

Accumulation Of Water

Water remains the main cause of damage to the floor and any concrete structures. If you notice that water is collecting and pooling on concrete areas following a bout of rain, you should also take action. This is caused when water is unable to drain away naturally.

During heavy rains, water softens the soil, and during winters, it breaks it down, impacting the overall concrete's strength. Because the buildup of water increases the water-to-cement ratio, constantly running water above and under the surface may also cause sinking. This can further lead to cracked pieces emerging from the surface when combined with stress due to heavy moments.

First, you need to evaluate your driveway, patio, or any concrete slabs. Water pooling up on your driveway or running down on the surface of your patio or parking lot is an indication that your drainage system is not working. So, if you notice any drainage issues, it is time to resurface your concrete, which is essential to redirect the water flow.


Pests or animals may cause holes in the soil under the surface, causing slabs to sink. With water flowing beneath and above concrete, the material will lose strength, resulting in a shorter shelf life.


Professional concrete strip and refinish can also help with other concrete issues.

Concrete is impacted by the environment it is exposed to, and changing weather factors may remove the protective layer from the surface, resulting in darkening, rust streaks, and discoloration. When you start witnessing a change in the color of your concrete, call a concrete repair firm to take a look.


If you observe concrete in your sidewalk or patio flaking or falling off, it can be due to spalling. Spalling occurs as a consequence of adding too much water to the concrete mix during construction or from incorrect curing. The reason why one should always seek services from a reliable and qualified service provider. To repair spalling, a professional concrete strip and refinish service is necessary, which may be done quickly with the assistance of a professional.


Whether your concrete has aged and worn away, it's always a good idea to have it examined by a professional concrete strip and refinish expert to determine if any further repairs are needed.

Concrete Cancer

This is not a visible indicator and may only be discovered during an examination. Concrete cancer arises when fissures in concrete expose the steel to the environment. Steel's interaction with water and air results in the creation of carbonic acid, which causes corrosion. Concrete cancer may cause crumbling, which is hazardous to the building and people since it can result in life-threatening incidents.

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Why Are Professional Concrete Strip And Refinish Services Important?

If there is extensive damage to the concrete, the structure of the building could be at risk. Cracked concrete can lead to the whole surface being lost and forgotten, resulting in liabilities if the issue is left unresolved. To preserve the strength, the techniques used should be proper with a maintenance plan.

Cracked concrete is common in older buildings, and rather than completely closing the section for public use, restoration in the form of repair or replacement could give them another chance to be appreciated while being safe for everyone.

If professional concrete strip and refinish services are not carried out, cracks or any of the underlying signs can worsen over time, meaning that if left unattended, the entire concrete sidewalk will need repairs, and the idea of resurfacing is to ensure that any work blends in with the rest of the building.

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Concrete Stripping and Refinishing?

Produces Quality Outcome

Professional concrete strip and refinish service providers are called professionals for a reason. They have the experience and expertise to perform this service. They are also equipped with the proper equipment to use and the proper techniques to try. Hiring a professional will promise you better quality compared to the rough cuts a DIY service can give.

Immediate Service

Professionals usually have big and highly skilled teams. Getting a professional service will secure you an immediate response and ensure prompt actions depending on your needs. Client servicing is important to any business, but working with professionals takes this experience to the next level. These people are trusted and reliable workers that will ensure they have the answer to any queries you may have.

Helps You Save More

Hire a professional to save both time and money. When you hire a professional concrete strip and refinish service provider, they have the right and advanced machines to effectively perform the job in a shorter time. There is no need for you to purchase any material or to look for the right equipment. Working with professionals will also remove any room for mistakes. They are doing professional concrete strip and refinish services daily with years of experience. Therefore, they know what they're doing.

Doing the project on your own will take you hours or days, depending on the size of the concrete you're working on and the speed of how you work. You think you can save up money but check how much time you'll spend working on it. There are also no promises of getting the job done well if you do it yourself for the first time and with no proper equipment.

More Convenient

As mentioned, these professionals have the proper equipment for the job. This means that the professional concrete strip and refinish project will be done quickly and smoothly. When done manually, the removal may cause unnecessary noise because of all the concrete breaking and pounding. That may not be ideal if the project is set in a quiet neighborhood. The good thing is that there are specialized saws and blades to help perform this task without too much trouble. The entire work would be less noisy and less messy.

Working with professionals can help make your concrete repair project much more convenient.

Getting the service from experts will also mean that you'll be hiring less manpower because the machine can do more in fewer hours, there's no need for a full team to do the job.

Factors to Consider When You Choose a Contractor

If you encounter any of the signs mentioned, the big question is how to get the right concrete contractor. An excellent contractor delivers a splendid project within your budget and time frame. Whereas you can ask for reviews and referrals, the factors below also come in handy to guide your choice.

License and Insurance

A licensed contractor shows the required level of commitment and professionalism. Ask for their business license number and confirm the details with your state licensing board. The board gives you a history and informs you of past problems with the license. Also, verify insurance to save yourself from liability expenses and get a guarantee that any losses will be compensated.

Experience and Expertise

The more experienced your selected contractors are, the higher the chances of getting reliable professional concrete strip and refinish services. Understand how long your selected contractors have been in business and their technology. You could review any completed projects or talk to clients who have worked with your potential contractor to gauge performance.


Professional concrete strip and refinish services involve potential risks to the safety of workers and other people at the site. Therefore, your contractors must abide by safety rules and do the work most securely. Inquire about your potential contractors' proactive safety steps during the project. Also, confirm that all equipment undergo routine maintenance checks and are in good condition.

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