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Floor Re-Sealing Services: How to Preserve the Life of Your Concrete Floors

Posted on August 28, 2023 by Robert Hamm

Many houses have concrete components because it's more long-lasting than other choices, like asphalt. Nevertheless, you must take care of concrete regularly, such as scheduling regular floor re-sealing services, to prevent cracks, damage, and stains.

So, how do you prevent damaged concrete? Hire a reputable concrete sealing contractor like us at Floor Doctor for high-quality floor re-sealing services.

Concrete sealers are a barrier between concrete driveways and outside factors such as snow, ice, grease, and dirt. Many people do not use concrete sealers because they think that concrete driveways do not require maintenance. Concrete should be sealed and re-sealed at least every three years to maintain quality and prevent water retention.

Factors Which Can Damage Concrete

The following are the factors that can damage your concrete floor.

Aggregate Expansion

Floor re-sealing services offer many benefits to the property owners.

Aggregate Expansion is common during winter once you put salt on your driveway to melt the snow. Once the snow melts, the water penetrates the cracks of the pavement.

The water stays there and will freeze. As the water expands, it will move the concrete, creating cracks in your driveway.

Weather Disintegration

Weather disintegration happens when there is a constant change in weather conditions and temperature. It damages the concrete by gradually making the material brittle.


Delamination is splitting layers on a surface, also known as blisters. The concrete will have small bubbles on the surface caused by continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

Chemical Damage

The air contains carbon dioxide, and concrete has calcium hydroxide. The two chemicals will form calcium carbonate through a chemical called carbonatation.

Calcium Carbonate reduces the durability of the concrete and will also affect the reinforcement steel within the concrete. Thus, the steel will rust before it crumbles.

Benefits Of Concrete Floor Re-Sealing Services

Here are some of the ways floor re-sealing services can benefit you:

Floor Re-Sealing Services Help Protect Concrete

Floor re-sealing services protects concrete from water and other damaging elements. Water can make the concrete look bad with stains. Sealing it stops this. If your concrete floor's previous sealing has been compromised, it's recommended to get floor re-sealing services.

Floor Re-Sealing Services Prevent Staining Of The Concrete

Floor re-sealing services help stop concrete from getting stained. Sealers protect concrete from UV damage and also stop stains from happening. Although all concrete surfaces can get stained because they're porous, most stains are water-based. These stains can be removed by pressure washing or using a nylon scrub brush. But stains like motor oil or paint thinner, which are oil-based, go deep into the surface of garage floors and can be tough to remove fully. Dependable floor re-sealing services stop these tough stains from going into the floor's pores, so they don't turn into permanent marks.

Floor re-sealing services can help prevent concrete stains.

Floor Re-Sealing Services Can Help Eliminate Dusting On The Concrete Surface

When water and dirt are allowed to sit on a concrete surface, they can create very fine dusting that can get into cracks. This dusting looks bad, stains the concrete, and can be a health hazard. Floor re-sealing services help eliminate this problem by creating an impenetrable barrier between the concrete and its environment.

Sealed Concrete Is Easier To Clean

High-quality floor re-sealing services provide a protective layer to the surface, which makes it easier to clean.

With an unsealed concrete floor or a floor with compromised seal, you're faced with two challenges when trying to clean your floor:

  • Removing dirt and debris from the surface of the concrete. This can be even more difficult if you have pets or kids that track mud and sand into your home because their feet will leave marks on your hardwood floors where they walk throughout their day.
  • Removing stains from the floor. Stains are difficult to remove when left on unsealed concrete due to their porousness—especially red wine stains!

Floor Re-Sealing Services Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Concrete Structure

Floor re-sealing services can help your concrete floor look new and keep it that way for years. The re-sealing process helps prevent stains and water damage caused by dirt and oil, significantly improving the appearance of your concrete surfaces. Plus, sealed concrete is easier to clean. If you want a beautiful building or driveway that looks great year-round, it's worth considering sealing your concrete!

Sealing Concrete Increases Its Longevity

Concrete is a well-known construction material due to its long-lasting and durable nature. Normally, a concrete driveway can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years unless it gets damaged. In that case, it will likely have to be replaced sooner.

Re-sealing the concrete not only ensures your concrete surface is protected but that it's long-lasting. It should also be noted that floor re-sealing services are relatively inexpensive and easy to do compared to replacing a concrete surface–worth a long-lasting concrete floor, patio, slab, or driveway.

Concrete Should Be Re-sealed To Protect From Mildew And Mold

Because concrete is a porous material, it tends to absorb moisture. Once this moisture doesn't dry and the surface is left wet for an extended period, mildew begins to form, and mold starts to grow. You'll know you have mold growing on the concrete by the greenish color that appears.

Once you re-seal your concrete, you inhibit moisture from permeating the surface, preventing mold and mildew development.

Why Choose Professional Floor Re-Sealing Services

Floor re-sealing services should be done every 2-3 years.

Concrete floor sealing companies are experts in applying concrete sealers on any concrete surface. Whether you want to seal the concrete on your driveway, basement, or warehouse, a professional contractor like us at Floor Doctor will help determine what's best.

We know the best concrete sealers (penetrating, film-forming, siloxane, acrylic, stamped concrete sealers, etc.) for specific areas.

Concrete sealing service providers have the equipment specifically designed to seal different concrete surfaces.

How Often Does Concrete Need To Be Re-Sealed?

When concrete is re-sealed, water will bead on the surface like the exterior of a new car, but the beading will disappear within a couple of weeks. The frequency of sealing depends on the floor. Sometimes, people will seal only once, and some of our clients will re-seal their concrete every few years.

Whether you decide to seal regularly or not, it's good to know that if you are doing some house or garden renovations in the future, which might affect the condition of your concrete paving, you will be able to bring your paving back to mint condition relatively easily with reputable floor re-sealing services. By re-sealing your concrete floors every 2 to 5 years, as we recommend, you can ensure the concrete floors remain in good shape for numerous years, helping you protect against cracking, pitting, and additional damage. If you would like to know more about our floor re-sealing services, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Floor Doctor today.

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